How to buy a stock?

Investors most commonly buy and trade stock through brokers.You can set up an account by depositing cash or stocks in a brokerage account. Once you open an account you will tell your broker how many and what types of stocks you’d like to purchase. The broker executes the trade on the your behalf. In turn, […]

Trading stocks

5 Differences Between Forex Trading and Stock Trading The foreign exchange market might seem to some people very similar to other financial markets. On the surface, the forex exchange has many similarities to the stock exchange. However, there are a number of differences. Below is a breakdown of some of the major differences that might […]

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What Matters When You Trade Stocks on Your Own? Managing your own money can be a stressful endeavor. To minimize this, and to minimize information overload that tends to come from watching the markets 24/7, there are a few must haves that I look for in an online broker. Clean interface. When I trade, I […]